Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews

For those of you have read and enjoyed  John M. G. Barclay’s study Jews in the Mediteranean Diaspora: from Alexander to Trajan (T&T Clark, 1996), it might be interesting to note that he has a collection of articles coming out this year:

Barclay, John M.G.,  Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews. Studies in the Social Formation of Christian Identity.
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament I. Mohr-Siebeck, 2011. 400 pages (est.). — forthcoming in August 2011. ISBN 978-3-16-150619-2. cloth € 110.00 (est.)

“In these seminal essays – some previously published, some newly written – John M.G. Barclay examines aspects of the construction of early Christian identity, especially within the Pauline tradition (during and after Paul’s lifetime). Treating topics as diverse as food, family, money, circumcision, constitutional theory,and ethnic stereotypes, these essays place Christian communities in close comparison with Diaspora Judaism” (quoted from the publisher’s presentation).

Author: TorreyS


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