A Note on Philo on Phinehas and the Levites

The recent issue of Bulletin for Bibliblical Research was in my mailbox today, and the issue contains a brief article very much related to Philo studies, hence I point your focus to it here:

David Lincicum, ‘Philo on Phinehas and the Levites: Observing an Exegetical Connection,’ Bulletin for Biblical Research 21 (2011): 43-50.

Philo of Alexandria draws an exegetical connetion between the episode of the golden calf (Exod 32) and Phinehas’ response tot he apostasy in Moab (Num 25). This not sets out four strategic links Philo has forged between the two episodes. While this is ultimately equivocal evidence in asessing Philo’s stance toward sacred vilolence in his own day, a similar connection between the two episodes may also underlie Paul’s exegesis in 1 Cor 10:8 (from the authors summary).

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