The Passing of Alan F. Segal

Many bloggers have noticed and commented upon the death of Alan F. Segal, and I might throw in my words too.
I did not have a close relationship with him, we just met a few times. But my impressions were great. As I was working on my PhD, I discussed my ideas about Establishment violence in Philo and Luke with him, and he was not too happy, nor too convinced of my ideas. But not long after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, he told me: “You were right, Torrey!” Those of you who know my work, will understand what he meant.
Last time I saw him, was just a couple of years ago; he was sitting down, checking some books at the SBL book shops, but looked up, and noticed me: “Hello, Torrey,” he said. And I thought; “wow, what a memory.” We hadn’t met for years.
I lament the loss of a great scholar, and a pleasant person. From his Jewish background he has provided great insights into both Judaism and Christianity, and the relations between them.

A list of Segal’s books are given here.
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Author: TorreyS


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