The Olive Tree Bible Software company has launched a new version of the BibleReader program; now we have available version 5.0

The program works on several kinds of smartphones; my experiences are related to Iphone and Ipad. And I like the program very much.

Here is some of what is prominent in this version:

  • Verse Chooser – navigate quickly to any verse in the Bible
  • Offline Access – Bibles are stored on your phone, not dependent on a network connection
  • Advanced Search – look up every occurrence of a word in every book of the Bible
    Versified Commentaries – switch to the commentary of your choice linked directly to any verse you are studying
  • Split-Screen Reading* – view Bible and reference works simultaneously as you study
  • Hyperlinked Notes – cross-references or Strong’s numbers available with one touch
  • Personal Notes* – can be accessed by verse in any Bible version across your library

* Not all the features might be available in all phones.

BibleReader’s split-screen reading makes commentary or other Bible reference works instantly available as you read – the two screens are linked so your commentary is always open to the right verse. Or you can use split screens to read two different Bible translations side-by-side.
Many Bibles have additional information like textual notes, cross-references, or Strong’s numbers. BibleReader includes hyperlinked notes that are available with one touch.

Bu they don’t have Philo in Greek available yet,- as far as I know. I hope he also will be added.