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So far I have used Bloglines as my Blog aggregator; and I especially liked their feature of gathering the blogs I subscribed to into groups. But now Bloglines are to shut down by Oct 1, and I have not yet found any comparable substitution.

If there is any one out there who have any suggestions, please use the comment field below and provide both me and my readers with that needed information.

Author: TorreyS


9 thoughts on “Blog aggregator”

  1. I had the same problem.
    I am now using Google Reader.
    You can export your folders as an OPML file and import them in Google Reader.
    Everything looks a bit different, but it works good.

  2. Anyone have any other suggestions? I’ve been using Bloglines, I tried Google reader a while back but though there were great features I did not stick with it, I loved Bloglines simplicity. I’ve looked at Sage, but it does not do the group thing Torrey mentions 😦

  3. I had no problems transferring my folders to Google Reader, Tim.
    I safed them in Bloglines as an OPML file and imported them in Google Reader.
    Worked perfectly. The folders are the same as in Bloglines.
    You can also create new folders.

    1. I agree with Wieland: I to was able to export from Bloglines and import the same into Google Reader, even keeping the groups. But I miss nevertheless the outlook of Bloglines.

  4. FeedWordPress is a good aggregator. It groups everything by category not tags.
    I’m trying to figure out how to have it so that when a user click on a post, they stay on my site and not go to the source site. Any help let me know.

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