Greek Philo texts on the web!

Several persons have said they would like to have the Greek texts of Philo’s work available on the internet. Bu so far it has not been possible.
But just a little time ago, I discovered that there is in fact a couple of ways of reading Philo in Greek on the net. Here is what I found:

Click here for Opera Omnia – Philo, or even better,

Update Sept 7:
In addition to that mentioned above, Sami Yli-Karjanmaa, in a Comment, informs me that the Cohn-Wendland edition is also available at the Internet Archive.

Now, Philo may be hard to understand without having a translation available, but as most of you probably know, de Yonge’s old translation is the only one available on the net, (but available on several sites), and though not being too good (see David T. Runia’s assessment here), it can be used together with these Greek texts:

Have a look at

Furthermore, it might be preferable to you to have both the Greek text and the translation open on the screen at the same time, and this too is in fact possible: Just open the Greek texts, and then the English text in two versions of your browser, and shrink them so they fit in side by side. Then you should get something like this (click on the picture to enlarge it):