Some full text articles

The articles of Greek-Roman Byzantine Studies are available online. Get here!
Of special interest for Philo students, in addition to those mentioned in the former posting below, see especially:

  • Frankfurter, David, “Fetus Magic and Sorcery Fears in Roman Egypt,” 46 (2006) 37-62 Abstract / Full text
  • Kamesar, Adam, “The Logos Endiathetos and the Logos Prophorikos in Allegorical Interpretation: Philo and the D-Scholia to the Iliad,” 44 (2004) 163-181 Abstract / Full text
  • Zuiderhoek, Arjan, “On the Political Sociology of the Imperial Greek City,” 48 (2008) 417-445 Abstract / Full text

A New Testament student might find these interesting:

  • Kelhoffer, James A., “John the Baptist’s ‘Wild Honey’ and ‘Honey’ in Antiquity,” 45 (2005) 59-73 Abstract / Full text
    • “Suppressing Anger in Early Christianity: Examples from the Pauline Tradition,” 47 (2007) 307-325 Abstract / Full text

Symposium and Guilds in Roman Egypt

A couple of interesting articles related to Roman Egypt in the last issue of  Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies (50:2010) that you might like to read too:

Maren Niehoff, ‘The Symposium of Philo’s Therapeutae:Displaying Jewish Identity in an Increasingly Roman World,’ pp.95-116. (See my comments on her study here.)
Philip F. Venticinque, ‘Family Affairs: Guild Regulations and Family Relationsships in Roman Egypt,’ pp. 273-294 (get it here).