NotaBene 9.0

NotaBene, version 9.0 is now officially launched. If you don’t know this marvelous word-processor program, which includes a bibliography program and a text base as well,
then have a look at!

Nota Bene: a word processor for scholars … a bibliographic manager for those who are tired of typing/formatting their own citations and bibliographies … a personal search engine for those who want to find anything they’ve ever written in seconds … a database manager for those who have things to keep track of … a Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, IPA and (new!) Arabic word processor for those who want more than just fonts … an Internet search tool for those who need to find and capture bibliographic data … a set of tools for scholars who want to focus on their writing and research … a work of art for scholars who appreciate the finer things in life … a community of scholars.