Disentangling the Web

The recent issue of The Expository Times has an informative ‘review article’ on resources on the web related to thology:
Disentangling the Web: A Guide to Online Resources for Theology,
by Meriel Patrick
Abstract: “The Internet offers a vast wealth of academic material, but the sheer quantity of information available can mean that locating relevant, high-quality resources is a formidable task. This article provides an overview of some key websites for theologians, including academic gateways (which offer hand-picked lists of sites for a particular field), library catalogues, and bibliographic databases. Details are also given of some of the growing number of full-text resources that are appearing on the Web (both those available to members of subscribing institutions and those which are freely available to all): collections of classic works, online critical editions, electronic journals, eprint repositories, plus contemporary scholarship and reference works offered by commercial publishers. The article concludes with a brief look at manuscript digitisation projects, interactive sites, the possibilities for communicating with other scholars via discussion lists and blogs, and resources for those involved in teaching.”

Author: TorreyS

See http://www.torreys.org/bible

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