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Update in progress

January 2010
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I have just posted a slightly updated version of my Resource Pages for Biblical Studies, but I am also working on a major update.

However, it is very timeconsuming, and worse: I have some problems figuring out how I should arrange the new pages.

After Mark Goodacre and his NTGateway became affiliated with Logos, and have more persons getting involved in updating the pages, I probably should narrow the focus of my own pages.

If anyone out there have any suggestions, they are sure welcome. Use the comments field below.

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  1. Bill says:

    Torry, I don’t think we’ve “met” online, but thanks once again for blogging about your research.

    While you’re updating, I know a lot of us would love it if you’d change your RSS feed to show full posts. At the moment, GoogleReader truncates this blog down to a few lines only. For example, today’s post ended with “Logos, and have more […]”


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