Mission in First Peter

Yesterday the last issue of Bulletin for Biblical Research (19:4; published by Eisenbrauns, for The Institute for Biblical Research), arrrived in my mailbox. The BBR now have 4 issues each year from 2009 of.

The journal contains my latest article on 1 Peter, “Resident Aliens in Mission: Missional practices in the Emerging Church of 1 Peter,” BBR 19.4 (2009): 565-611:

In this study I discusses the issue of mission in 1 Peter in light of the missiological model of  ‘missional’ church. The early Christian communities of 1 Peter are considered here as young emerging congregations living in a kind of liminal state. Being discriminated against in their local communities, they struggled for their own new Christian identity. In these circumstances, the phnomenon of intramural ethics is important, but so also are their missional good works. These are considered to be observed by “the others”,  who are won over and ultimately give glory to God. Contrary to some recent interpreters, the present study argues that the readers are also admonished to be ready to preach and defend their faith, thus becoming a missional church of both works and words in their neighborhoods.

If you go to the Eisenbraiuns homepage, they also have some good book offers at the beginning of this new year….

Author: TorreyS

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