1. Philo Group session at SBL

In this picture above (click on it to enlarge it), you see from left: Maren Niehoff, Albert Geljon, David T. Runia, Kenneth Schenk, David Konstan and James R. Royse.

The Philo Group had two meetings at the SBL Annual Meeting in New Orleans this month; the first was on Sunday and was devoted to discussing ongoing work on Philo’s book De Agricultura.
Kenneth L. Schenck (Indiana Wesleyan University), was presiding, and Albert Geljon (Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht)
presented a Sample Translation and Commentary on Philo, De Agricultura 1-25 (25 min), from the commentary he is working on together with David T Runia.
David T. Runia (Queen’s College, University of Melbourne) read a paper on The Structure of Philo’s Allegorical Treatise De Agricultura (25 min). After a short break, James R. Royse, (Claremont, CA) and David Konstan, (Brown University), respondented to the papers. Sarah Pearce (University of Southampton) was supposed to be a third respondent, but was not able to attend. In her place, Maren Niehoff had a response.

I was not able to attend this session because of other sessions had to be prioritized this time. Some of those who were present, however, said they were very satisfied with the seminar, its papers and discussions.