Logos on Iphone!

Thanks to a message from Ruben Gomez on FaceBook, I became aware of the fact that Logos has made an Logos application for Iphone.

Great news as I have used Iphone in a year now, and Logos Bible Software for years, and love them both! More information is available on the Logos Forums.

The app. can be downloaded for free from Itunes.

It has an ability to log in, in order “to sync your app with your desktop”, but the fulll meaning of that seems to be something belonging to the future.
What is possible now is to access some of the free books from Logos, and among these are books as Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartiensa, Tischendorf’s Greek New Testament, Westcott-Hort’s Greek NT, Elzevirs Textus Receptus, Ramsay’s Paul the Traveller, and several more.
I presume the application will be extensively developed in the coming months.

Author: TorreyS

See http://www.torreys.org/bible

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