Inscriptions in Corinth: Erastus

DSCN1108One of the most famous inscriptions of Corinth, in addition to the Synegogue inscription (see below), is the one located in the theater area, mentioning a certain Erastus:

[ ..] Erastus pro aedilit[at]e s(ua) p(ecunia) stravit. “[ .. ]Erastus for his aedileship laid (the pavement) at his own expense.”

This might very well be the Erastus mentioned in Romans 16:23; 2 Tim 4:20.
We were so litle informed about its location that we had problems finding it. But it is located in situ, propably in connection with the pavement that the inscription celebrates. If this is about the same Erastus who is mentioned in the New testament, it is one of the very very few inscriptions we have mentioning New Testament characters.
Here is a link to some info about another comparable inscription:
Andrew D. Clarke, Another Corinthian Erastus Inscription, Tyndale Bulletin 42.1 (May, 1991) 146-151.