Visiting Corinth

We had a one day trip to ancient Corinth on Oct. 23; a nice and warm day, and wonderful to be back again (my  third time), looking up and trying to imagine the Pauline Corinth in situ! We took the new and modern train from Athens to modern Corinth, hoping to be able to rent a car there. But the renter was not very interested; when he heard that we wanted the car only for one day, they were suddenly all occupied and not available because of a wedding next day! So the taxidrivers earned some money on us that day.


The Bema on the Agora is one of the places to visit as it probably was here that the procurator was asked to deal with Paul as a problematic person in the city, See Acts 18:12-17.

We wre also looking especially for the Macellum , the meat marked: Cf. 1 Cor 10:25. The conventional Guide books do not provide much help, but most probably the Macellum should be identified with the socalled north-marked.


My student was very satisfied when be able to have a look at what is probably to be dealt with in his dissertation.

When going back to Athens, we had the taxidriver to go by ancient Cenchrea, the harbour from which Paul probably left for Ephesos, and the place of the home-congregation of Phoebe (Romans 16:1)



Author: TorreyS


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