Back to work

Vacation time is over,- that’s the hard fact of today. Back to work! Having talked to some americal relatives, Irealize I don’t have that much to complain of, having four weeks of summer-vacation and still two more to go. But that that is some of the privileges of leiving in Norway…

The last two weeks of vacation was rather rainy; hence it is somewhat hard to see that the first two days on work has been rather sunny. How come? But at least it gives me a good oppurtunity to enjoy a sunny round of golf this afternoon….

In addition, I was glad to discover – on returning to my office – that my 2009 book has been published:
Torrey Seland (red.),
Lær meg din vei. Kristen trosopplæring i går og i dag. En historisk oversikt.
Kyrkjefag Profil nr. 10. Tapir Akademisk Forlag, Trondheim. 199 pp.

It is a brief presentation of the history of christian education, focusing in general upon the western church from Jesus to M. Luther, and then on the further development in Norway from the reformation to the present day.
I wrote the first chapter; on Jesus, Paul and the early church, then Oskar Skarsaune, Oddvar Jensen, Birger Løvlie and Ottar Berge covers the the rest.
The volume is designed to be a historical overview for cathecists, pastors and lay teachers in the church.