Slowing down

wolfsonThe number of postings to the BibleBlogs I am following are obviously decreasing day for day; people might be too busy, or; people are slowing down, and so am I, reading books I want to, not only those I have to.
Last term I finally got hold of a personal exemplar of Wolfson, Philo 1-2; it’s the book on my lap here. It is an used edition, and has an interesting label on the inside of the front cover. The label says:
Glasgow University
Divinity Library
From the Library of
Trinity College, Glasgow
presented to the University of Glasgow
by the General Assembly of the
Church of Scotland 1974.

And across this text there is a kind of stamp, telling me that the book is Withdrawn from GUL, assuring me it is not a stolen item….
I’m looking forward to read it from beginning to end; something I have never done before, even though I have worked with it several times.

Wishing you all a relaxing and happy summertime!

Author: TorreyS


2 thoughts on “Slowing down”

  1. Hi. I know this blog thing might be getting rather old for you. However I really think that I might have stumbled onto something which might interest you. I have written a paper for the Journal of Coptic Studies about a throne in Venice which was stolen from Alexandria which I can prove was used as the original Episcopal throne of the Church their (early third century?) but which I think might well have been used in the synagogue mentioned in Flaccus.

    I know this sounds stupid. How could an object have survived from the first century? Yet, all I am asking is ONE Philo scholar to look at this thing, read my paper and effectively smoke some weed or whatever else you do to think ‘out of the box’ and consider for a moment whether an object like this COULD HAVE BEEN USED for those initiation ceremonies mentioned in Philo (you know where he speaks about a ‘symbol’ of God’s royalty ‘planting’ itself in the soul of those viewing it.

    I really think this object was seen by Philo:

    Please don’t laugh. It’s just an idea I have. I approached Runia about it and he was polite but indifferent.

    Please JUST THINK ABOUT IT. Put all the statements in Philo about God as ‘king,’ ‘husbandman’ (see backrest) and the anatole (Zech 9:6f) in context.



  2. H

    By accident, searching the Internet for information about content in texts as in innhold in the Norwegian curriculem at secondary school, I came across your interesting article on how to read the bible (2005). I found it very interesting and I am particularly interested in helping students to meet any text with a certain set of concepts – begrep – they can use in order to read and write better. Have you got any comments for me?

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