Slowing down

wolfsonThe number of postings to the BibleBlogs I am following are obviously decreasing day for day; people might be too busy, or; people are slowing down, and so am I, reading books I want to, not only those I have to.
Last term I finally got hold of a personal exemplar of Wolfson, Philo 1-2; it’s the book on my lap here. It is an used edition, and has an interesting label on the inside of the front cover. The label says:
Glasgow University
Divinity Library
From the Library of
Trinity College, Glasgow
presented to the University of Glasgow
by the General Assembly of the
Church of Scotland 1974.

And across this text there is a kind of stamp, telling me that the book is Withdrawn from GUL, assuring me it is not a stolen item….
I’m looking forward to read it from beginning to end; something I have never done before, even though I have worked with it several times.

Wishing you all a relaxing and happy summertime!