Philo and Eschatology

Sometimes you discover books you never even thought existed. Some days ago I discovered a Swedish book about Philo of Alexandria and his Eschatology. Most scholars agree that there is not much to find in Philo’s works about eschatology. Hence when I discovered a book dedicated to and especially focusing on eschatology it came up as a surprise to me.

The book was published in Swedish and 1939; both the language of the book, and the time it was published may have contributed to the disappearance of the book in other scholarly works.

Henr. Elmgren,
Philo av Alexandria.
Med sarskild hansyn till hans eskatologiska forestellningar.
Stockholm; Svenska Kyrkans Diakonistyrelses Bokførlag, 1939

The book has three main chapters. There is an Introduction, there is a chapter on Philo of Alexandria and his significance, and there is a main chapter termed the Eschatological conceptions in Philo of Alexandria. This chapter, as well as the others,  is divided into several sub chapters; chapters about the national eschatology (Israel, and Messiah), the individual eschatology (death, perdition, rebirth or resurrection, judgment.

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2 thoughts on “Philo and Eschatology”

  1. Do you know of any more recent studies in English on the topic referred to above, sc. eschatology in Philo?!

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