NNTFF is an abbreviation for Norsk NyTestamentlig ForskerForening (Norwegian association of NT scholars), a loosely connected association of Norwegian New Testament scholars who meet twice a year. The spring meeting was held last Monday April 27 at The Free Faculty of Theology, Oslo.

The seminar had two sessions; in the first Per Jarle Bekken presented a paper on
The Criminal Proceedings against Jesus according to the Gospel of John: Some Observations on John 5:10–18 and 10:31–39 in a Jewish Context.

After a coffee break, Professor Karl Olav Sandnes, presented aspects from an ongoing research project, a presentation he labelled “Cento and Canon” – glimt fra et pågående forskningsprosjekt.” (Cento and Canon; glimpses from a current research project).

There were discussions following both papers, and both presentations  were very well received.

The next session of NNTFF will focus on two recent scandinavian books on the historical Jesus; the one by the Danish scholar Per Bilde, and the one  by the Norwegian scholar Hans Kvalbein.

Author: TorreyS

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