Ancient Jewish Magic

Searching on Google Books, I happened to discover a most recent book on Jewish magic. As I have written on magic in Philoin the D.E. Aune Festschrift, it is interesting to be aware of this volume on Ancient Jewish magic.

Gideon Bohak
Ancient Jewish Magic: A History
Cambridge University Press, 2008
ISBN 0521874572, 9780521874571
496 sider

The outline of the book is thus:
Contradiction in terms?
Jewish magic in the Second Temple Period.
Jewish magic in late antiquity: the insider evidence
Non-Jewish elements in late antique Jewish magic
How Jewish was ancient Jewish magic?
Magic and magicians in rabbinic literature

For those of my readers most interested in Philo of Alexandria, I can inform you that he deals with Philo on pp. 78-80, and in his conclusion here he emphasizes the rather meagre result of his readings of Philo: “Thus, while he provides us with what is perhaps the clearest “emic” definition of magic we shall find in any ancient Jewish texts, his discourse also is the most “magic free” Jewish mindset we shall encounter in the present chapter, and in the present study as a whole.”
The book as such can be found at