Oxford Biblical Studies

Jim West is presenting a link to a site that might be interesting to some of you; go to http://www.oxfordbiblicalstudies.com/
Jim also quotes from a letter which I also copy here:
“I’m pleased to let you know that Oxford’s Biblical Studies Online launched – Oxford’s latest comprehensive online resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history. We … thought it would be an interesting idea to ‘open up’ our new site and provide free access to your readership until the end of May.

You can see more about the product here www.oxfordbiblicalstudies.com , especially detail on content, features and the scholarship in the new site.

Your readers can get access to a free trial to expire end of May 2009.  They simply need to go to www.oxfordbiblicalstudies.com and type in the following authentication:

User: presspass

Password: springtime