Pseudonymously on the Web

There have been a lot of blogging on the Golb case recently, and for good reasons. This is a very special case, and I think it should be repudiated. Most recently, Mark Goodacre has a very good posting on it: The Ethics and the Practicalities of Blogging in the wake of the Raphael Golb affair.
But I am a little surprised that so many (all?) do not add some comments on the pseudonymous blog of a person calling himself NT Wrong. I never liked that case either, and I think that some of the persons most supportive, even interviewing this socalled NT Wrong, should have some second thoughts about that case.
I realize that it is not the same to post comments on others blogs pseudonymously, but is it not just a matter of degree when you start a blog yourselves, hiding you real self behind a pseudonym?

Author: TorreyS


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