Am I a Biblioblogger? Probably not; at least I am not included among those on this photography of publications by Bibliobloggers. Or maybe, he just didn’t have my books available. Who knows. No hard feelings anyway……..


Wow; I think I have to update this. I just discovered that on the Top 50 list of Bibliobloggers, I am ranked as number 25th. So maybe I am  a biblioblogger after all!


I have been away for a week at my cabin, and returned tonight. A lot of bibliobloggers postings listed on my Bloglines. I subscribe to ca. 40 blogs (ca, because some new are added, while others have to go…almsot every week), and there were about 150-200 postings (I admit I read some on my Iphone in the middle of the week while having a trip to the nearest town where I got phone connection).
Jim West was on the top with over 50 postings (does he live in front of a computer?), while others had no postings this week (like Philip Harland and 6-9 others…). Hope some of these latter had a good and a relaxing week like myself, even away from any phone og computer connections. But, of course, with a pile of books by their side..