Naturally Speaking Software

I am considering buying Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 (preferred edition), probably the most praised speech recognizing software.

I used an earlier version several years ago, but had some conflicts with my hardware. Now I have a rather new laptop and is getting a new strong desktop, I thought it might be time for giving this software  a new chance.

But I would like to hear if any of you have any experiences with the software already. Please use the comments field below and give me some suggestions..

Author: TorreyS


5 thoughts on “Naturally Speaking Software”

  1. Well, overall I just like Macs a whole lot better. more intuitive, more stable, and great applications that are intuitive to use as well. Having said that, they are just tools and it always depends on the person. You may have a lot invested in BibleWorks or Logos and are lost without Nota Bene. If that’s the case, stick with it! Nota Bene isn’t available on Mac, though you can easily run a windows partition if you wanted to. I push the Mac platform especially for my students, as they are less hassle and easier to use. I also think Accordance is the top of the line.

  2. Sorry, no idea about speech recognition software.
    About switching to Mac : Logos Bible Software is now available for Mac. It’s not perfect yet, but you can use any text bought for Windows with it. I had switched to a Mac two years ago, I was glad to see that coming.
    Like Danny Zacharias, I would recommend switching to Mac in general, but you’ve got to see first if you can find the softwares you need – or you can use a virtualization software for applications you don’t use every five minutes (I’ve used Logos that way until recently).

  3. Yes, yes, yes, Macs are the bees knees and we should all convert today, we’ve heard the evangelistic appeal, but what about speech recognition software? (For PCs not Macs 😉

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