The Cambridge Companion to Philo

The long awaited The Cambridge Companion to Philo, edited by Adam Kamesar, seems now to be on its way as the Cambridge University Press announces it on their webpages. It is scheduled to be published in May this year.

Adam Kamesar,
The Cambridge Companion to Philo
Series: Cambridge Companions to Philosophy
Cambridge University Press, May 2009, ca. 280 pp.

The publisher lists the following as contributors and topics:
Introduction Adam Kamesar;
Part I. Philo’s Life and Writings:
1. Philo, his family, and his times Daniel R. Schwartz;
2. The works of Philo James R. Royse;
3. Biblical interpretation in Philo Adam Kamesar;
Part II. Philo’s Thought:
4. Philo’s thought within the context of middle Judaism Cristina Termini;
5. Philo’s theology and theory of creation Roberto Radice;
6. Philo’s ethics Carlos Lévy;
Part III. Philo’s Influence and Significance:
7. Philo and the New Testament Folker Siegert;
8. Philo and the early Christian fathers David T. Runia;
9. Philo and rabbinic literature David Winston.

These authors are all well known as solid Philo scholars, and I presume the volume will be a useful introduction to Philo of Alexandria. I am also especially pleased to see that the volumes is to be published both in hardback and in paperback.

Author: TorreyS


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