Developments at the NT Gateway

As announced on Facebook as well as on his Blog, Mark Goodacre is working on a major change and development of his NTgateway.  According  to a recent posting on his Blog, “the NT Gateway is partnering with Logos. Logos will be providing hosting for the site as well as installing a CMS and giving it a design facelift. I will continue to be the Editor.”

I think Mark is to be congratulated. This is quite a new development in the history of blogging; so far there are very few blogs- if any, authored by private persons, that cooperate in this way with commercial companies. Of course, several companies have their own blogs, like Logos, BibleWorks (Forum) or Accordance. But this is nevertheless something new.  Time will tell how it will work out.

Author: TorreyS


One thought on “Developments at the NT Gateway”

  1. Thanks, Torrey. I should perhaps clarify what will become apparent shortly, that it is primarily the NT Gateway site that is partnering with Logos, and there will be a connected blog about the NT Gateway site. I will continue my personal academic blog separately. It’s Mark, by the way.

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