Congratulations to Kåre!

kaare1Congratulations  to Kåre Fuglseth, my former co-blogger, and a central person in working out the Philo index.

Kåre has now been appointed as professor in didactics  (fagdidaktikk) at the Regional College of Bodø, where he has worked as an associate professor since 1999. This means that he will now not be working  primarily with Biblical studies, not to say Philo of Alexandria, but as he is engaged at the Department of Education, his work will be focused on educating teachers for the Norwegian school system. On his webpage his professional interests, however, are listed as “Fagdidaktikk”;  Religion; Philosophy; philosophy and ethics;  Biblical studies; sociology of religion; phenomenology; pedagogy of religion and hermeneutics. Certainly a wide range of interests, indeed. And if I am not totally wrong, Philo is still lurking around somewhere up there among his books in his office in the extreme north of the city of Bodø . . . . . . .

Author: TorreyS


One thought on “Congratulations to Kåre!”

  1. Thanks Torrey, Philo is definitely lurking around. I must say I find religious education very interesting, too. Biblical and ancient studies have also one feature in common with educational practice and its theorising: the necessity of understanding, in other ways hermeneutics broadly speaking. Gadamer is relevant in both cases. 🙂

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