Amphiteather from the 4. century

Kom al-dikka
Kom al-dikka

This is not the Amphitheater of Philo’s time, of which he has so much to tell us when he records the events of the pogrom at ca 38 AD. This one is from the century and can held only a few hundreds. What is surprising is that this is the only Roman amphitheater known in present day Egypt. It was discovered by mere coincidence when foundations were being laid for apartments buildings. Now there are still some excavations in the area; close by there is also excavated a nice Roman villa, called ‘the villa of the birds’ because of its many mocaic pictures of birds, still keeping their beautyful colors.

Like most other Roman amphitheatres, the acoustic was excellent. There was a marked spot in the front middel; when you stepped upon it an talked, the sound changed dramatically; step aside, and it changed again.

Author: TorreyS


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