GNT27 and BHS for Iphone

Great news for all users of Iphone; Greek New Testament (N27), and Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia are finally now available for Iphone, in an acccented and vocalized version.

I have commented on this in earlier postings (see here and here); now both GNT27 and BHS are available form

I have not tested the BHS version, but have downloaded and installed the Greek New Testament, and it works fine. You can find more info about the BHS here.

The procedure for using GNT27 on Iphone is this.
1. Install the free BibleReader from iTunes.
2. Make an account on Olivetree
3. Within the iPhone BibleReader view your Olive Tree account and install titles. You get further info about this procedure here.

The GNT27 version includes a Three step Verse Chooser to easily navigate to any verse, and a Word search to quickly find any word in the document.

If you have comments on these or other versions for Iphone, please use the comments field below.

Author: TorreyS


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