Early Christianity and the Ancient Economy

Over at the toshunka blog of Michael Helfield I found this announcement about a conference that might be of interest to many NT scholars:


Early Christianity and the Ancient Economy
XVth World Economic History Congress

Utrecht, The Netherlands
3-7 August, 2009

“Early Christianity and the Ancient Economy” is a new international, interdisciplinary research project that seeks to delineate the relationship between early Christianity and the ancient economy in the period from Jesus to Justinian. The project comprises three sub-projects: The first sub-project involves a study of all the major aspects of the economy in the ancient world, especially the Roman Empire. The second sub-project examines first-century early Christianity both in relationship to the ancient economy and in regard to its own economic aspects. The third sub-project does the same for Christianity in the second to the fifth centuries. Paper proposals for all three sub-projects are welcomed at the Utrecht congress, which is sponsored by the International Economic History Association.

Scholars who are interested in proposing a paper should contact David B. Hollander Department of History, Iowa State University, dbh8@iastate.edu) or John T. Fitzgerald (Department of Religious Studies, University of Miami, john.fitzgerald@miami.edu).
The Call for Papers closes on January 31, 2009 .

Author: TorreyS

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