Books on Philo

I have added a new link box in the right frame of this page. It will contain Google-links to important books on Philo of Alexandria. Having, for instance the bibliographies of Radice-Runia 1937-1986 and Runia 1987-1996 is extremely helpful as even though you can not read all pages in a setting, you can search the pages for items. But still there might be pages you can’t read, so the best thing is still to have access to the paper version of the book.  But to make preliminary searches, these links are very helpful.

The link roll will be updated;  suggestions are welcome.

Author: TorreyS


One thought on “Books on Philo”

  1. you might want to change the links to google books to the english speaking version.

    For instance, your link to “Phil an exegete…”:

    the last part “=no” brings us to the norwegian layout of Google books.

    this could be a better link:

    for me (a swede) it was no problem though 🙂

    thanks for a good blog.


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