When working on Philo as a Diaspora Jew, I realize the need for literature that can tell me more about ‘Diaspora’ as a social phenomena per se. ‘Diaspora’ as such is both an ancient as well as a ‘modern’ phenomena, and I am looking for some works that may help me spell out how to consider, and not at least how to conceptualize, on ‘Diaspora’ as a phenomenon; not necessarily as a problem, but as a social setting. There surely must be something out there written from a sosiological, social-antropological, and/or other perspectives. If you have come over any such works that you found, or may think, might be rewarding in dealing with the ancient diaspora of Philo, please give me a note in the comments field below. Thanks.

Author: TorreyS

See http://www.torreys.org/bible

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