“As you sow, you will reap”


I know this posting is not very much related to Philo or the New Testament, but I would nevertheless like to mention that yesterday and today there was a PhD disputation at our School of Mission & Theology. Kari Storstein Haug passed her final test for the PhD degree.

Yesterday she delivered her two test lectures. Alas I was not able to attend, but her topics were:
“Cultural Affirmation or Innovation? Christian Spirituality in Its Thai Cultural Context”,
and “African Christian Strategies in Relation to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic.” As you probably understand from these topics, her dissertation was within the field of Missiology, but nevertheless very closely related to Biblical studies:
“As you sow, you will reap”: Interpreting Proverbs 11:18-31, Psalm 73, and Ecclesiastes 9:1-12 in Light of, and as a Response to Thai Buddhist Interpretations. A Contribution to Christian-Buddhist Dialogue. You can find an abstract of her dissertation here.

The ordinary opponents were supposed to be professor Kajsa Ahlstrand, Uppsala, and general sekretary Seree Lorgunpai, Bangkok. Professor Knut Holter, Stavanger, was also a member of the committee. But due to the now wellknown problems in Thailand Prof Lorgunpai was not able to attend, and Prof. Holter had to step in.

Congratulations to Kari!