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Das paulinische Eikon-Konzept

November 2008
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Doing some searches on the Mohr Siebeck webpages, I came over this volume that is relevant for a Philo bibliography – and an Apostle Paul bibliography as well:
Das paulinische Eikon-Konzept.
Semantische Analysen zur Sapientia Salomonis, zu Philo und den Paulusbriefen
Mohr Siebeck, 2008. XIV, 304 pages. WUNT II 250.

It is written in German, but the publisher provides the following intro in English:
“By analyzing the meaning of the word εìκών and its semantic cognates, Stefanie Lorenzen reveals the mental concept of the likeness of man to God in the Wisdom of Solomon, the texts of Philo of Alexandria and the Pauline homologoumena. The comparison shows for the first time that Paul’s concept differs from Jewish-Alexandrian ideas, since it also includes the human body. While the Jewish-Alexandrian texts draw men in the image of God as a perfect spiritual response to a spiritual mediator (e.g. logos or sophia), for Paul the body is a medium of the Christ event and thus an essential part of the likeness of man to God or Christ.”

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