Bible on Iphone?

I have got myself an Iphone 2 (3g), and like it very much. I have also downloaded some additional programs, among them the ESVStudy Bible Bundle, and the CCEL NRSVA. Both works fine, especially the first, which also has a search functuion.

But I wonder if you have any Bible versions that you find working fine on an Iphone. In particular I would like to have NT in Greek, but have not found any versions available yet.

Which Bible Iphone-version do you prefer?


I am happy to see in a comment below that are working on making the Greek NT and Hebrew Bible available on Iphone. I enjoy their Bible Bundle that is available so far, and look forward to be able to include Greek and Hebrew too.

But what abaout Philo? Is anybody thinking about adding him? He is available on Palm (see, but as I find Iphone more useful, I hope that both Philo and other texts will be made available for that medium.

Author: TorreyS


3 thoughts on “Bible on Iphone?”

  1. I have both GNT and BHS on my iPhone. They are currently in development at Olive Tree and we are planning on releasing them once we can get them fully working.

    Software Engineer
    Olive Tree Bible Software

  2. As a Philo scholar and a future user of an iPhone, I’d also be very interested in an iPhone application including Philo, as well as a Hebrew and Greek Bible (all of which I have, indeed, on my Palm). Please keep us informed if you learn anything new. I’ll leave another message here if I find something, to let you know.

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