An Oslo Symphosium

On Monday 28 I am to enjoy the pleasure of attending an Oslo symphosium on New Testament studies. The Symposium will take place on Monday 28 of July in the Auditorium Athene 2 at the Conference Centre of Oslo University College, Pilestredet 46, Oslo.

This takes place under the auspices of the journal Novum Testamentum, published by Brill, Leiden, and the Department of Archaeology and Religious Studies, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, and it will honour Professor Peder Borgen (who was 80 last January) on the occasion of his retirement as President of the Board of the Journal.

At the Symphosium the following lectures will be given:

1400-1405: Words of welcome by Rector, Dr. S. Østberg, Oslo University College, and President of the Board of Novum Testamentum, Professor J. K. Elliott (Leeds)

1405-1445: Professor Lars Hartman (Uppsala): “What does it mean to write a commentary?”

1445-1525: Professor Johan Thom (Stellenbosch): “Justice in the Sermon on the Mount: An Aristotelian Reading”

1525-1540: Coffee/Tea Break

1540-1620: Professor Cilliers Breytenbach (Berlin): “Jesaja 53 (LXX) und die urchristliche Hingabeformeln”

1620-1700: Professor Maarten Menken (Utrecht): “‘Born of God’ or ‘Begotten by God’? A translation problem in the Johannine writings.”

After the Symphosium there will be a Reception by the Ambassador Ronald van Roeden, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and then dinner, both for invited guests.


Then the rest of that week I will be in Lund, Sweeden, attending the SNTS General Meeting.


Have still a nice summer all of you….

Author: TorreyS


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