Studia Philonica Annual XXV, 2013 is on its way!

The Studia Philonica Annual XXV, 2013 is on its way, and in fact is being published these days. I have not received my copy yet; it use to take some time to get to Norway…..

This year the Annual also can celebrate their 25 years – a silver anniversary! As their editors are saying in a brief note in the forthcoming issue – and I quote it With approaval; “The first volume was published in 1989 by Scholars Press as volume 185 of Brown Judaic Series. It was a continuation of the earlier journal Studia Philonica, of which six issues were published in the years 1971–1980. In the past quarter of a century the Annual has served as a valued vehicle and instrument for Research on Philo and Hellenistic Judaism. Through its articles, special sections, bibliographical section and book reviews, it has provided scholars with up-to-date information on developments in studies on Philo and his wider context, and in so doing has made a huge contribution to Philo studies world-wide.”

The issue of this year will present these studies:


M. Jason Reddoch, Enigmatic Dreams and Onirocritical Skill in De Somniis 2  page 1ff
Nicole L. Tilford, “After the Ways of Women”: the Aged Virgin in Philo’s Transformation of the Philosophical, page 17ff
Olivier Munnich, Δορυφορεῖν, δορυφόρος: l’image de la «garde» chez Philon d’Alexandrie, page 41ff
David Lincicum, Aeschylus in Philo, Anim. 47 and QE 2.6,  page 65ff

Special section: Philo’s ancient readers
Gregory E. Sterling, Introduction., page  69ff
James R. Royse, Did Philo Publish His Works? page  75
Gregory E. Sterling, “A Man of the Highest Repute”: Did Josephus Know the Writings of Philo?, page  101
Jennifer Otto, Philo, Judaeus? A Re-evaluation of Why Clement Calls Philo “the Pythagorean” page  115ff

David Lincicum, A Preliminary Index to Philo’s Non–Biblical Citations and Allusions, page    139ff,
and then the Bibliographies, worth the price of the volume alone!

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